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We at Equipe Industries believe that anyone can be inspired to achieve great things...

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“Let this program challenge everything you thought about people with disabilities and inspire you to achieve things that you never thought were possible”
– Rob Pike TestDrive

Corporate Programs

Equipe Industries is now focusing on the Corporate Arena, with programs including out-of-the-ordinary team buildings, interactive discussions, exciting games, and inclusive presentations. Hear from Equipe Industries’ owner Robert Pike, after experiencing a terrible road accident never gave up on his dream to succeed. Equipe Industries wants every dreamer to take COURAGE in every possible way. Equipe Industries offer ‘Dream Big’, ‘Split Second’ and ‘Test Drive’ presentations to the Corporate Arena.

High School Programs

Equipe Industries was founded with one thing in mind, to see youth of today inspired and equipped to be successful in all facets of life. To encourage them to realise that cultures and stigmas can be broken, and that they hold the power of change. Whether your focus is imparting vision, realising the power of attitude, road safety or disability awareness - Equipe has a program for your High school.
Our desire is to partner with High schools and help create attitudes and cultures that motivate young people to reach their best.

Primary School Programs

At Equipe we recognise the importance of inspiring Primary School students to achieve their best.  We have taken ideas from our High School programs, added a whole lot of Fun and created our FunSized programs.  Developed specifically to help primary school aged students dream about their futures, and make them realise that anything is possible,  Dream BIG FunSized and Test Drive FunSized will have your students laughing and learning at the same time.

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